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At the Arts-Loi Dental Clinic, we do our utmost to give only the high quality care you deserve from your dentist in a pleasant and professional environment. To ensure that we continue to offer treatments of the highest standards, we commit to keeping informed about current literature, pursuing continued professional development and critically evaluating our treatment results.


- Doctor of Dental Surgery (Toulouse, France)
- Post-graduate in oral implantology and maxillofacial surgery (Paris, France)
- Specialized in implantology and periodontology


- Doctor of dental surgery (Toulouse, France)
- General and aesthetic dentistry
- Specialist in aesthetic veneers

"The patient is the most important person in our clinic"

We provide general and aesthetic dentistry, teeth whitening, prosthetics and dental implants for the benefit of restoring and improving the natural beauty of your smile.

In our dental clinic we are committed to exclusively using dental materials and clinical procedures of proven quality.

We are dedicated to searching for the best products and solutions to fulfill our patients’ needs using our own scientific and clinical knowledge.

We have one goal… your absolute satisfaction.

Implantology Implantology

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What are dental implants ?

The dental implant is an artificial root holding a crown which replaces the old tooth, without damaging your adjacent teeth. Dental implants can also stabilise a removable denture. A successful technique is based upon scientific research and our clinical experience of over 20 years.

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What are the advantages of dental implants ?

You will be able to smile again with great confidence.
Your new teeth will be fixed firmly and look completely natural.
Your healthy teeth will be preserved; the dental implant prosthesis does not damage the adjacent teeth.
Your prosthesis will be fixed for good.
You will enjoy eating again thanks to greater resistance to chewing.
Your overdenture will no longer move about.
You will feel great and experience personal well-being.

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What are the indications ?

1 . To replace a single missing tooth.
2 . To replace multiple missing teeth.
3 . Replacement for patients that have no teeth.





Aesthetic veneers Aesthetic veneers



Clinical cases treated thanks to aesthetic veneers

The safest, the most aesthetic and the least invasive solution in cosmetic dentistry.



Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

Asked Questions
Asked Questions

Dental plaque removal is the first step before any dental treatment. It is aimed at cleaning your teeth and making your gums healthier. Indeed, dental plaque removal is the best way to prevent periodontal diseases : gum disease, bleedings, loose teeth, …
This stage consists of :
– A ultrasonic teeth-cleaning in order to remove dental plaque
– An air polishing (calcium carbonate powder) in order to remove stains and polish tooth enamel
– A fine polishing

Year after year, coffee, tea, tobacco, plaque, can have an impact upon the colour of our teeth. Teeth lightening (also called teeth whitening) can then be considered. After a dental plaque removal and a teeth polishing we will use a whitening gel, in accurate dose and duration.
Beware of « Express » whitening offers ! When used unprofessionnally or misused, these products can have even worse side effects than the expected benefits.

You show clinical signs of periodontal disease, that is to say a disease of your gums and of your jawbones. By the presence of different contributing factors your gingiva first shows an inflammation, swells up and then enable bacteria to penetrate your teeth deep to the bone.
That is the reason why it is essential to stabilize this kind of situation as soon as possible by:
– Dental plaque removal – air polishing – polishing
– root scaling – lithotripsy
– targeted antibiotic therapy and specific mouthwashes
Thus we will try to recreate a healthy attachment of your tissues to your teeth.

After a 3D maxillary X-Ray and a blood test, we will proceed, in the dental clinic and under local anesthesia, to the fitting of the implant /implants. We will then have to wait for approximately 4 months for the bone to be completely healed around the implants in order to make the crowns. In the meantime, temporary crowns will be fitted.

We provide the main reimbursement forms :
European Commission – European Parliament – DKV – Dentalia –Axa/Dexia – etc.
As far as the methods of payment are concerned, you can either use our credit card terminal (Bancontact – Visa – Mastercard) or pay cash.

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